Saturday, December 11, 2010

Israeli Couscous Salad

Israeli couscous is an oversized version of the "grain" you probably already know. And the mouth-feel is amazing! Truly.
It's like my mouth is at Chuck-E-Cheese in the ball cage!
 I use the term "grain" very loosely because it is actually more like tiny wheat pasta bits, or balls. Either way though, I think it can be interchanged with the mother of all grain/seeds, Quinoa, in any dish as long as you aren't catering to your gluten-free friends. Bree made a salad including kale, red onion, chopped almonds, apple and olive oil vinnaigrette.

Those who know me know I love things in miniature. When making this dish I discovered that the opposite is also really great: miniature things in big! Just look at them, so fun!

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