Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breakfast sammies!

A good while ago I made some breakfast sandwiches with seitan sausage, tofu "eggs" and onions on homemade bread... Then I completely forgot about them and they got lost in the maze of photos on my camera. Good thing I check before I erased everything from the memory card, because I found these great photos!
The onion was sliced and cooked until soft and tranlucent. Meanwhile, the tofu was pressed, then sliced thinly and coated in a mixture of nutritional yeast, salt, pepper,  turmeric, garlic and oil. Then cooked on the skillet until crispy around the edges.
The sausage was, again, sliced thinly, then cooked on the skillet (which already has oil in it from the tofu!) until browned. I think I put mustard on mine too, so it wasn't so dry.

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Alan said...

Mmmm... the sausage looks so juicy. It reminds be of the "Big Ass Burger" cart. Or was it a sandwich? Mmm!!