Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grilled Teriyaki Tofu

Grilled food is really delicious to a lot of people. Just because I eat the diet of all vegetables doesn't mean I shouldn't get to grill my food. The slight char and smokey flavor that comes with the finished product is spot on! During a recent visit to my family (and father who grills everything, all the time) I made this Grilled Teriyaki Tofu.

I've always liked cooking with my Dad because (he'll tell you himself) he has a lot of knowledge and mostly good ideas about cooking (maybe I'll talk about his "panini brick" later). I had an especially good time trying to create acceptable vegan versions of what my Dad had already planned for dinner. This is the best one by far. I was so impressed with this photo that I showed it to everyone around me multiple times.

Here's the rundown:
Extra firm tofu, pressed and cubbed, then skewered. I used a great store bought Teriyaki sauce to marinade this badboy for maybe 45 minutes. I rotated the tofu to make sure the sauce was evenly coated. Actually, I turned it every 2 minutes because I was so excited! Thrown on the grill for 2 minutes on a side and, rad, it's done.

Accompanying this tofu is wild rice cooked in vegetable broth and diced Shiitake mushrooms, and steamed green beans.

And a picture of my Dad's cat, Topaz, because he's such a dreamboat:


Alan said...

It's amazing how savory that tofu looks. I'm salivating!

Alan in Kenya

Randi said...

Alan, you should try this! There has to be someone at work with a grill-type thing. Teriyaki sauce is easy to make!