Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Learning to Cook in New Spaces

I've recently had a major move out from my apartment of 4.5 years. My new apartment, aside from being in a very exciting location and living with my main squeeze, Bree, is nothing like my old apartment. Here are some photos of the moving-in process:

After years spent cooking in the same space I probably could have made a meal even if I were blindfolded and set on fire. Now cooking is ridiculous. I wait for 15 minutes for my water to boil to then realize that I turned on the wrong burner, I lost my black pepper for days and, worst of all, I thought the oven was broken until Bree realized that it just wasn't plugged in! Oops. But, really, why was it unplugged in the first place?!

But, as it usually goes, things are better every day. I am back to cooking and baking and happy to announce that without any major travesties the first meal in the new apartment was this: Fried tofu squares and rice pilaf with sauteed kale and onions! Not bad. I wish I had some black pepper though.
It only gets better from here!


mom said...

Hi Randi, the meal looks great and so does the apartment!
Keep the pics coming so the mamas can see it.

Alan said...

Oooh, looks cute. But what's with the tiny pictures? I can't see anything :)

Well I got a new couch, a washing machine, and a toast oven :)

Bro Alan