Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time on my hands

Underemployment, unemployment and seasonal work is proving to be difficult. There is a certain kind of reassurance of self-worth that comes with a job and steady employment that can't be covered by all the amazing, supportive people in my life. No matter what the job is, the fact is that, "Yes, I went to work today," and it feels good. So without a job I've tried to find a way for me to give myself that sense of a hard days work.

I spend my day in my apartment trying not to get sucked into internet gossip sites. I slowly ride my bike through the varied neighborhoods of Portland. I look up job postings and probably send out an application every other day. I look up recipes and brainstorm new meals. I look up times and places to volunteer. I make art. I invite friends over to eat the food I make.

And it makes me feel good. And it helps take the sting away from unemployment.

Here's what happened today:
-Went to the library to look for a book to read while I wait for the book I want to read to come in. No luck.
-Went to the bank. ATM check deposits are hard for me. I like the real person interactions much better, even though they take longer.
-Stopped at Grocery Outlet to replenish my coffee supply. I found a bottle of organic shampoo and conditioner that were $3.99 marked down from $17.98! It's a small miracle that I didn't buy them with such an astounding price difference...
-Had a great dinner with a friend: slow-cooked Vegan Three Bean Chili and Cornbread. I've never made cornbread so moist and I probably never will again.

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