Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recently I learned how to make a paper pinwheel so here is what I did with it (this wood piece is probably 2 inches by 3 inches):
I made some pinwheels out of some colorful vinyl strips, too. I took them over to B's house where she is babysitting a particularly pretty bundle of decorative mossy branches thinking that I'd fasten the pinwheels to the branches in honor of Spring. But as it turns out B has another, smaller, dead tree and the vinyl "flowers" looked great tied to its smaller branches with sewing thread. No pictures of those though. Darn.


bree said...

my collection of dead branches in varying sizes accompanied by a series of vinyl pinwheels, though very aesthetically pleasing in real life, makes me sound like an unsavory old woman.

the picture you took is very pretty!

captcha: unaliat

wilma said...

Haw haw, just testing my anonymous openid... glad you've been doing arts and crafts.


bree said...


Randi said...

yeah, Alan, your "wilma" post really threw me for a loop!