Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

 When I started cutting meat and other animal products out of my diet, I kind of thought that also included sweet treats like ice creams, candies, and baked goods. Man alive, was I wrong: I can TOTALLY be just as unhealthy with my eating as before! I like to keep my health foods in check with Cinnamon Rolls. The recipe I used here advertises itself to be as close to those ridiculously huge, sticky, gooey, buns found at malls and airports throughout the country. You know the ones. And they do a pretty good job.

I had about 2.5 of these bad boys yesterday and thought that was enough to tide me over. I brought them to my book club meeting and we made a good dent in them. Along with that, my housemate and my outrageous sugar tolerance, I am finishing the last of the rolls in a about 10 minutes (right after I post this blog!).

Here a before and after frosting picture set:
The frosting is a vegan cream cheese frosting made with Tofuti cream cheese. In the future I would like to use a cashew cream...
Next time I make these, I'll try to isolate one of the rolls for a delicious picture. Yum.


Alan said...

Wow. Ok, I'm on my way to have a cup of coffee at Java House with Sammy. I must ask if they have vegan cinnamon rolls.. hahahahaha.


Nanci said...

OMG those look soooo good!