Thursday, May 6, 2010

16 Bean Soup, what?!

I used a dry bean mix of 16 kinds of beans (plus barley) found at the store. The brand was Fiesta, which is accurate, because these beans totally looked like a party: colorful, in all shapes and sizes.
I agree that the colors of the cooked beans don't look so great, but I assure you the taste is off the chain! I'm pretty sure I owe it all to the chicken bouillon cube (vegan) I used for the broth. Also, the salty tortilla chips were great and reminded me of Tortilla Soup. I can imagine making tortilla chip strips for Tortillas soup in the future.


narcissus said...

A party indeed. I just heard another chick here doing chili with barley... weird, must be more common than I thought.


captcha: bree... sounds like BREEEEEEE that they say in deathcore ;)

bree said...

ha! alan, i work in a youth drop-in center, and there is a group of kids that regularly greets me with a "breeeee" growl! they are very entertained that such a noise could double as a person's name..

captcha: tallo