Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Proof of popsicles!

Thanks to Casey I have some visual proof of the, what I'll call, Almond Ginger Cream popsicles I made the other day. They separated slightly in freezing, but as it turns out, the color variation looked nice. And, well, clearly I'm having a good time.

I am very excited for summer to come now because, among other obvious reasons, I will make so many popsicles to enjoy with friends!

Upcoming food stuff: Roasted Hazelnuts! My housemate had some of the shelled nuts laying around. I found a brick outside my apartment and used a very solid rock I picked up back in my Geo-days to crack them all open. I'm off to find a fresh Rosemary sprig. Oh unemployment, you treat me so well... kind of.

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