Monday, February 22, 2010

Toddies in a Thermos

Don't tell the authorities, but Bree and I totally went to a public place and drank whiskey from a thermos. Hot toddies with lots of fresh ginger were a great way to end a long weekend of sun and bike riding.

Now I am really never one to break the rules, ask anyone, but this was just so right. The timing was wrong as the sun had already set, but it didn't matter because the bluff we sat at overlooks a busy train yard. I could probably sit there for hours and take it all in. Downtown Portland can be seen easily as well as many bridges, the West Hills and all the people of Portland on their way home.

It's only February and I am so excited to revisit sunsets at the Bluffs in the approaching warmer months. With or without alcohol, but definitely with friends and loved ones.

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