Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crafting small things

In the past 5 months I've taken to crafting in a small way. Literally: I like to make little collages on wood sample flooring squares that are about 2 x 3 inches in size. I've decided, or maybe discovered, that this is a good outlet for my overly observant nature and attention to detail.
As the months go on I am learning new ways to be creative with the squares. At first it was just magazine clippings applied with rubber cement then glossed with Mod Podge (the Decoupager's best friend). Then I found some small bottles of paint for free in the lobby of my apartment, and again at a local non-profit called SCRAP where there is a lot of random, donated, craft-like materials and supplies. Now I've decided to get fancy (yet again!) and buy some light weight beading wire and crimp beads to make the collages hang from anywhere.

My ideas for surfaces to hang from are: a wooden door (i have one in my living room that was free on craigslist), scrap wood from the side of the road, find something at SCRAP that I can nail into, or use push-pins in the wall. I don't want to do that last one because I am really not supposed to put holes in the walls of my apartment.


Alan Orth said...

You're finding interesting ways to hang them... like the one seemingly hanging in the grass?


q said...

i love these! they're the best!

Ryan Kost said...

i want to collage with you. so bad. i've been collecting materials here. we will have endless collaging nights once i return, yes?