Sunday, March 7, 2010

Doorstep surprise

I stumbled into this cute little guy the other morning. He was waiting for me at my doorstep and I can only assume he came from the the lobby of my apartment. There was once a small action figure that I was very much planning on adopting (or rather, adopting on behalf of a friend) but was convinced otherwise. Perhaps it belonged to someone, right?These two make a great pair.

People will give anything away. Or maybe, people will take anything when it's free; I sure do.


bree said...

I think you should submit that last image to

Also, the captcha I'm about to enter is "cratily" - all of these captchas are very similar to real words and I hate typing them. "Cratily," "suberb," "suarez".. what's the deal?!

Randi said...

"suarez" isn't a word?!

bree said... are making me doubt myself. its a name, but that doesn't always count as a word.. yes it does.. um. well the captcha i am being prompted to enter now is "sachedro," what do you make of that?