Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meatball Subs

An easy go-to meal that I have had recently is the Meatball Sub. It's pretty basic, very fast and decidedly satisfying. Lately I've been getting a meatless alternative in the frozen aisle of my grocery outlet. I even stocked up this time around because you never know when the outlet won't have them for cheap anymore. Note: I get crazy about food reserves from the food outlet... you should see my canned goods!

My sub only has three main components: bread, meatballs, pasta sauce. Easy! Though, because I think I'm fancy, I usually make a nutritional yeast cheese sauce to add to it. I have no idea what measurements I use, but here's what always goes in the sauce: nutritional yeast, water, garlic, oil (to cook the garlic a little), salt and pepper. Other variants are: chili flakes, soy sauce, flour (to thicken). I usually cook everything until it gets warm (with a baguette sliced and put in the oven to brown) and then throw it all together.

Casey added mixed greens and more yeasty sauce to her sub.
Apparently these subs were so good Casey got them all over her fingers AND pants.

I think this sub can be very convincing for those looking for a meaty sandwich. As I ate one for lunch the other week I was delighted with the idea that people had no clue that my meal was completely vegan. I felt like an undercover agent. And I liked the idea that people can easily eat vegan, or accidentally do, and don't even know it.

But am I trying to make my meals as close to the "real thing" as possible to fool people, trick myself, or "pass" in public? Orm with all the positive things I am learning about the vegan diet, do I want people to actively see that I am choosing to not eat meat?

I guess for now I'll eat my food however I like and leave my dietary statements to myself. I'm not so political anyways.


bree said...

Yum! Cute girls with cute subs in a cute kitchen.

Captcha: phots!

Alan said...

I only saw one cute girl in the kitchen (and one dinosaur). And "nutritional yeast cheese sauce" probably tastes better than it sounds.

Randi said...

ha! well, casey usually doesn't like nutritional yeast (a nice substitute for cheese for non-cheese easter) but liked the sauce. so that says something.

alan, when you visit, i'll offer you some yeast. yum.

Nanci said...

I would become vegan if I didn't have to think or cook for myself.