Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potato Tacos are all the rage

 Lately I've been noticing a fun addition to the alternative-to-meat options at my favorite food places: Potatoes!At taco stands I have been sticking to soyrizo because a) I like it and b) it is something that I don't think I can make yet. But I wanted to give potatoes a fighting chance and they are easy for me to make.

Here's what went down:
Seasoned, roasted white potatoes
Raw kale
Raw, diced onion
Pinto beans (seasoned with salsa verde)
Yellow corn tortillas

On the potatoes went: nutritional yeast, chili powder, cumin, salt and pepper, olive oil, and a dash of Tapatio hot sauce. These make a nice flavor but I could have used more. More of everything. Maybe some lime, too.

I heated the tortillas in a little oil to warm them and make them a little more durable for the hardships of taco life. It works very nicely, though I worry about the amount of oil used. Pouring oil from the bottle is imprecise and usually yields too much for my needs. For this I plan on investing in one of those hand pump oil misters so that I can easily spray the minimum needed to get the job done.

Topped with the beans, onion and some sliced jalepe├▒os and more hot sauce, these were a satisfying meal. I even had seconds and so did Bree!


bree said...

So delicious! I love the photogs, too. I read 'oil misters' as "oil Mr.'s" though and had a good laugh about it

Alan said...

You're reminding me about chorizo... holy shit. Soyrizo is awesome too, but only if you get the right one! I bet I can't get it in Kenya...

Captcha: waffying


Nanci said...

Your tacos are looking like the TABE tacos! Tasty!

Randi said...

oh, mom. what a nice compliment!

bree said...

I just read these comments and now am compelled to comment as well, because
(a) I appreciate you joining in on my game, Alan! and (b) this captcha is "outsnittr" which is really cracking me up, and sounds like it could be a new social networking site.

the tacos were good, too.

marie said...

well, since these comments are all from family I feel like I should jump on the band wagon! So Randi, the tacos look delicious and Bree what is this "captcha" thing you speak of? I'm confused!