Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sage Rosemary Focaccia

 I have tried my hand at making many breads. Over the course of my year making various breads I have learned that I prefer to make free form loaves as opposed to bread pan, sandwich-sized loaves. I like the variation in the final product.

I also love breads to dip in sauces, oils and herbs. It was just yesterday when I realized that Focaccia might be perfect for this. A quick internet search revealed that toppings for Focaccia are only limited by imagination. I like this a lot! But I will start simple with two herbs: sage and rosemary.

 Sage I had, rosemary I did not. No problem: A quick walk through my neighborhood, equipped with my morning coffee, yielded a fresh sprig of rosemary.

Pre-bake photoshoot:
Post-bake photo:
I got a bit distracted listening (read: dancing) to Lady Gaga and the bread cooked about 4 minutes too long and, as a result, is slightly dry and a dark. But the sage and rosemary taste great together and I am not too concerned about the dryness. Focaccia is a bread I will definitely make again!


LizzyB said...

Dancing to Lady Gaga always distracts me too.

Nanci said...

It looks beautiful. Wow!

Alan said...

Looks delicious... your morning stroll with your coffee sounds nice too. I might have to make myself a cup before bed!