Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pickling Vegetables

I've always wanted to pickle vegetables but just never followed through. Spear-headed by the suggestion from Bree, we pickled some cucumbers (pickles!), grean beans (dilly beans!) and red onion with cauliflower. the whole event was filled with awe, excitement (mostly me), and lots of preemptive congratulatory statements.

Here is the only photo I took of the entire process:
This is a picture of the cucumbers and green beans awaiting the water/vinager/salt solution. Inside, each jar has fresh dill sprigs, garlic, and pickling spices that include black pepper, mustardseed, and dried hot red pepper.

In the future I would love to pickle beets, peppers and maybe even carrots or something...


casey said...

how do they taste?

Randi said...

they are great! i let them sit for a week and then dove right in. next round i will put less peppercorns and pepper, and more dill. this batch has slightly too much kick.

i'll be putting up some "after" soon too!

Alan said...

omg... it looks like you murdered someone. Remember when we saw Mudvayne like 10 years ago and the drummer had something in a jar on his drum set? ahhahahah

Alan in Kenya!!