Monday, June 28, 2010

Scones or Biscuits?

Wait a minute, these scones look just like biscuits!
The name definitely depends where you live in the world.

This is a great recipe for Lemon Maple scones from the VeganYumYum cookbook. Instead of the suggested pairing of clotted cream and blueberries I chose to make a cherry compote of sorts from fresh cherries I got at the store yesterday.

I'm learning to love biscuits! They are awesome with both sweet and savory pairings and I usually have the ingredients on hand at any given moment (flour, salt, butter, soymilk, baking power).

You should make biscuits.


Nanci said...

Better yet - you should make me biscuits! I'll be there on July 18!

Betsey said...

oh randi, those scones were so GOOD! i miss you all :)

Randi said...

betsey! i was sad to not see you and elliot and before you left. it was great to hang with you all and i look forward to our next meet-up!